13September 2021

Driver Scorecards Help Fleets Put Their Safest Foot Forward

Every successful company uses robust training and professional development programs as a way to recruit and retain the top talent. For motor carriers, that means utilizing a variety of technologies to train a mobile workforce and continually elevate safe and efficient driving skills. For fleets alr [...]

30August 2021

Thank you, drivers, for your highly important work!

In September, we celebrate the importance of truck drivers across Canada and the United States. Various events are organized to thank them for the exceptional work they do for the benefit of the entire population. Let's face it, these workers are part of the backbone of our economy. In Canada, Natio [...]

18August 2021

How to Prepare for Brake Safety Week

We all know that properly functioning brake systems are critical to the safe operation of heavy vehicles. Brake systems that are overly worn or poorly adjusted can reduce a truck's braking ability and stopping distance, posing a serious safety risk. Yet brake-related violations remain the top reaso [...]

12August 2021

Who is exempt from using ELDs in Canada?

"Are my trucks exempt from federal ELD regulations?" This is probably the question we get most often. And with good reason. Exemptions can be confusing. So how do you know if your fleet is required to comply with the Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule or not? Let's examine that question t [...]

3August 2021

Boosting Fleet Safety With Telematics

Operation Safe Driver Week ended a few days ago. But safety remains a hot topic and a daily priority. Telematics plays a key role in establishing and maintaining a safety culture within your fleet. The critical data collected in real time about your vehicles and your drivers' driving behaviors gives [...]

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