New version of ISAAC Instruments’ software suite
May 2012

ISAAC Instruments’ team is proud to announce the release of the new version of its software suite. It includes new features as well as many enhancements, offering even more flexibility. It also allows for better automation of data analysis and transmission of results to managers and operators.

Analyzer V9

Visit the member section to know more about what’s new in Analyzer V9.

Examples :

Diagnostic trouble codes recording and reporting


Mapping of vehicle position and route on a map for a selected period on the session graph



VT Real-Time V3.3

Visit the member section to know more about what’s new in VT Real-Time V3.3.

Examples :

Diagnostic trouble codes notification in real-time


Viewing of the events list and event locations on the map



VT History V3.3

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Examples :

Vehicle state and speed on history map


Address of event locations on the Events Report



New features and updates – Stay informed
May 2012

You wish to know more about the new features and enhancements introduced in the latest version of our software? Login to the member section and take a look at the « What’s New » documents. Not a member yet? Join here. Don’t forget to subscribe, in the Profil tab, to our technical newsletter in order to automatically receive information on our product updates.


Extension of MTQ Subsidy for Bus Operation Optimization
January 2012

The MTQ (Ministère des Transports du Québec) subsidy program has been extended until December 31st, 2012. The governmental contribution can reach up to 50% of the acquisition costs of an ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry system.

For more information on the subsidy program, visit the MTQ  website (see "Volet 3").


A New Website for ISAAC Instruments
December 2011

ISAAC Instruments is launching its new Web site! WWW.ISAAC.CA will be more resourceful than ever with its brand new look, the same user-friendliness and a mine of information on the products and vehicle telemetry solutions which make up the foundation of ISAAC Instruments’ reputation.

Underground Collaboration Between ISAAC Instruments and Newtrax
September 2011

The collaboration of ISAAC Instruments with Newtrax Technologies has enabled ISAAC Instruments to engage in fleet management of mining vehicles as it applies to improved monitoring and optimization of underground mining operations.

Newtrax, a Canadian-based company, specializes in the development of battery-powered wireless networks. These solutions facilitate operations in environments where the installation of wires for power and communications is problematic.

MTQ Subsidy for Technological Solutions Geared Towards Bus Operation Optimization
August 2011

ISAAC Instruments products have been recognized by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec (MTQ) as facilitating solutions which can improve people transportation. Such vehicle telemetry systems can now be acquired with the help of a subsidy program put forward by the MTQ whereby the governmental contribution can reach up to 50% of the acquisition costs.

For more information on the subsidy program, visit the MTQ website.


A New General Manager at ISAAC Instruments
July 2011

Josiane Lorange has been working with ISAAC Instruments for a number of years in the capacity of coach and corporate advisor. Josiane recently joined ISAAC Instruments as General Manager. ISAAC Instruments’ team wishes her the best and welcomes her within the organisation.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a Master’s degree in environmental engineering from McGill University as well as an MBA from École des Hautes études commerciales, Josiane has been working for close to 15 years in managerial roles in the high-technology industry, namely with Geo-3D Inc. and Trimble Navigation Ltd, companies specializing in the development and commercialization of geospatial solutions.

Reduced Fuel Consumption for Robert Transport Through Increased Monitoring
July 2011

ISAAC Instruments solutions help Robert Transport in reducing their fuel consumption by improving driving behaviors and providing close monitoring tools. Read the article published in Today’s trucking magazine.

Special Report on Telematics
February 2011

ISAAC Instruments is mentioned as an industry reference in this special report on telematics. (in French)

ISAAC Instruments Winner of the Prix Génie Innovation 2010 from l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
February 2011

ISAAC Instruments won the prestigious Prix Génie Innovation 2010. The prize was handed out last June at the Gala d’excellence de l’Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ). The prize was presented by the OIQ and OSIsoft Canada inc.

Vehicle Telemetry, a tool for driver training, caught the jury’s attention and ISAAC Instruments was declared winner of the grand prize. This novel solution allows transportation companies to optimize the work of new drivers and improve the skills of experienced ones, undeniably a competitive advantage.


ISAAC Instruments in Transport Routier and PLAN Magazines
October 2010




Everybody was talking about ISAAC Instruments over the last few weeks: La Presse, Le Soleil, Le Journal des Affaires, L’Écho du Transport, Transport Magazine, Transport Routier, Route & Transport, Le Journal de Chambly, Le Canada Français, Direction Informatique, Le Billet du Bus and more.

Following ISAAC Instruments’ award at the last OIQ gala for most novel technology in 2010, PLAN, OIQ’s magazine dedicated its cover page and feature article to the work of the company’s engineering team. The article strains the importance of better training drivers using Vehicle Telemetry.
Click here to read more (in French)

The September 2010 issue of L'Écho du Transport magazine is out. You will find a report (in French) on ISAAC Instruments' Vehicle Telemetry applied to public works.
Click here to read more (pp.6-11)

Look for October’s issue of Transport Routier magazine. It features a substantial article on the contribution of ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry to Transport Robert’s driver training. Results are discussed in detail as part of this very interesting interview.
Click here to read more

Winter Is Here !
October 2010

It only takes a short period of time to deploy ISAAC Instruments vehicular telemetry on public works vehicles. This new technology meets municipal requirements in a fast and efficient way. Because it can easily be adapted and configured for specific needs, ISAAC Instruments system can be rapidly integrated to snow removal operations.

Implementation of ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry to Large Transportation Company Operations
October 2010

Transport Hervé Lemieux and Les Services logistiques Trans-West have decided to integrate ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry to their operations.

Transport Hervé Lemieux, a company of 400 employees founded in 1947, is one of Quebec's most important transportation companies. Its operations encompass both general and specialized transportation services as well as private fleet management. ISAAC Instruments integrated its Vehicle Telemetry with Transport Hervé Lemieux’s billing system.

Since 1989, les Services logistiques Trans-West is recognised as a leader in Quebec for perishable food and general goods transportation across North America. The organisation employs more than 310 drivers and implemented ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry to a fuel consumption tracking system.

Visitors from China at ISAAC Instruments
October 2010

Last month, a delegation of the most important vehicle manufacturer in China, First Automotive Works (FAW), visited ISAAC Instruments’ offices in Chambly. As a long-time client, FAW adopted the “made in Quebec” vehicle telemetry solutions to perform durability tests on Chinese roadways.

Towards ‘Greener’ Transportation
September 2010

ISAAC Instruments is one of the few companies referred to in this article as offering one of the solutions that can contribute to improve energy efficiency, namely in relation to fuel savings that may be achieved by monitoring truck driver behaviours. (in French)

ISAAC Instruments Demonstrates Its Compliance With CGER RFP
November 2009

ISAAC Instruments responded, as part of a consortium headed by BPR engineering firm, to an invitation to tender for the Centre de Gestion de l’Équipement Roulant du Québec (CGER). The project, estimated to 12 millions $, consists of integrating Vehicle Telemetry to the CGER vehicle fleet in order to reduce fuel consumption. The fleet of 4000 motorized vehicles is deployed throughout Quebec.

ISAAC Instruments demonstrated its product compliance with CGER RFP requirements during a complete bench test on CGER vehicles. ISAAC Instruments and its partners are ready to deploy the technology in 2010.

Découverte : Plug-In Hybrid
November 2009

A Radio-Canada’s program, Découverte, presented a report called “Plug-in Hybrid” in which Laval University’s staff and participants of the PHEV’09 were interviewed. Images of some ISAAC Instruments’ products and staff could be seen during the broadcast, showing how ISAAC Instruments is involved in different studies on hybrid vehicles.

Click here to watch the coverage in french

ISAAC Instruments Compliant with the BNQ's Requirements
November 2009

ISAAC Instruments is always striving to be compliant with mandatory standards that may apply to a particular market. As far as ambulance manufacturing is concerned, the BNQ standard NQ 1013-110/1999 concerning vehicle characteristics was required and ISAAC Instruments made sure it could be compliant.

Article 7.10 of this standard applies more specifically to the « controlograph », which definition applies to ISAAC Instruments’ Vehicle Telemetry, the solution offered to ambulance fleet managers.

ISAAC Instruments : SMB of the Year
October 2009

ISAAC Instruments just won the prestigious title of SMB of the Year handed out by l’Association des Manufacturiers d’Équipements de Transport et de Véhicules Spéciaux (AMETVS).

The award was presented during the Améthyste Gala which took place in Sherbrooke on October 28th. ISAAC Instruments was also a finalist for the Rio Tinto Alcan Innovation Grand Prize.

This award honours ISAAC Instruments for its outstanding achievements during the past year, through its investments, its growth, its industrial impact and the quality of its business practices.

Click to read more:

The New 900 Series, Already 500 Units Delivered
October 2009

More than 500 units of the new 900 recorder series have already been sold. The 900, 908, 908s and 916 Data Recorder Units (DRU) are in demand by vehicle and component manufacturers as well as companies exploiting vehicle fleets. ISAAC Instruments will present its new 900 series Data Recorder Unit to the Detroit car manufacturers during the Automotive Testing Expo – North America 2009, in Novi, Michigan.

Software ' Vehicle Telemetry, Version 3 Available in English, French and Chinese
September 2009

The Chinese version of the Vehicle Telemetry 3 was presented last month in Shanghai during the Automotive Testing Expo China 2009.

100 Vehicles Equipped with ISAAC Instruments Vehicle Telemetry for an AEEQ’s Project
September 2009

ISAAC Instruments won the Agence d’Efficacité Énergétique du Québec’ invitation to tender during the second phase of its pilot project on fuel-efficient driving of light vehicles in the transportation sector.

ISAAC Instruments' partners in this project include FPInnovations-FERIC and Inter-Cel Radio Mobile inc. ISAAC Instruments also relies on the collaboration of Virage Simulation, successful bidder on the first phase of the project.

In real world situations, the project will test the principles and techniques that the AEEQ developed over the last two years, and will measure their impacts upon energy usage during a given period. Ecodriving is one of these techniques. It is defined as the use of specific driving techniques combined with information feedback which can help in reducing fuel consumption for the same vehicle use.

Click here to read more on this (in French)

Clients from the Trucking Industry Can Access a Subsidy Program Offered by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec
August 2009

Here is the helping hand some transport companies were waiting for to adopt ISAAC Instruments’ vehicle telemetry solutions, i.e. a subsidy program put forward by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec to improve energy efficiency within the trucking industry.

The latter can access up to 27 000 000 $ in subsidy which represents 60% of the total budget for this program. This provincial program provides a 30% reimbursement of eligible expenses.

The Association du Camionage Québécois (Québec's trucking association - ACQ) who used to claim for such measures, invites its members to take advantage of this program, one which truly helps the trucking industry in its economic and environmental efforts.

Click here to get procedures and forms to apply for this program on MTQ's web site

Already 2 Years of Vehicle Telemetry at Warnett Express!
August 2009

Warnett Express (hyperlien ci-dessous, a St-Jérôme based trucking company, took advantage of ISAAC Instruments’ Vehicle Telemetry 2 years ago. All of its tractors are instrumented and Warnett Express is proud to be an early adopter. Since then, the Laurentians-based company uses this tool to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and optimize its drivers’ performance. This profitable experience allows Warnett Express to offer competitive prices and quality services to its customers.

Some would say « visionary ». ISAAC Instruments says partner.

ISAAC Instruments on Radio-Canada Television Network at Prime Time
July 2009

Journalist Annie Hudon-Friceau of Radio-Canada’s Téléjournal team, used ISAAC Instruments vehicle telemetry for a news report on photo-radars. This new device was installed on several Quebec roads a few weeks ago. (go to the 9th minute).

Click here to watch the original French version

Radio-Canada Television Network's regional News Report and Québec City Daily Journal Feature ISAAC Instruments
July 2009

Alex Levasseur, journalist for Radio-Canada, presented a news report on Transport Robert. The second largest transport company in the province uses ISAAC Instruments’ vehicle telemetry for training its drivers. Doing so, the company is helping its staff to considerably reduce its fleet’s fuel consumption. (go to the 3rd of 4 segments) Click here to watch the original French version

The day following this broadcast, Le Soleil, Québec city’s daily newspaper, printed the following article on the same subject: Click here to read the article in French

Energotest Interview
July 2009

Jean-Sébastien Bouchard, Application Engineer at ISAAC Instruments, was interviewed during Energotest 2009 by Adam Ledlow from Transportation Matters TV. The segment was entitled “An inside look at black box technology from ISAAC Instruments”. Click here to watch the video

ISAAC Instruments on Radio-Canada French Television Network's "Découverte"
April 2009

'Découverte' presents the scientific world through popular subjects. The weekly magazine is presented on Radio-Canada French Television Network. The TV program team chose to focus on a hybrid bus project undertaken by Société de Transport de Montréal (STM). The study reveals that hybrid buses (diesel/electric) reduce fuel consumption by at least 30% in the inner city where stops are frequent. The study also shows that these vehicles are not as efficient on suburban routes. To everyone’s surprise, the study also identified means to reduce fuel consumption of conventional diesel buses.

The telemetry systems used on transit buses are ISAAC Instruments’ products.
Click here to watch the video (in French)

Transport Robert Deploys ISAAC Instruments' Telemetry
April 2009

Robert Transport Vehicle Fleet consists of almost 1000 tractors and 4000 trailers. Its managers know the fleet management and vehicle tracking market inside-out and they have always been among early adopters to seek a competitive edge or ways of reducing their carbon footprint. When they found out about the possibilities offered by ISAAC Instruments’ technology, they rapidly proceeded with a pilot-study to quantitatively evaluate the driving methods and habits of their staff. Managers identified new ways to optimize operations. Transport Robert is now deploying ISAAC Instruments’ vehicle telemetry on 250 trucks in order to turn every trip into a training session. The Information Technologies (IT) team of Transport Robert leverages ISAAC Instruments collaboration to tie in the precious additional data to its existing Microsoft SQL server database.

ISAAC Instruments is proud to provide one of Quebec’s leading trucking company with tools that can allow its staff to improve methods, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

ISAAC Instruments in the Snow Grooming Business
April 2009

ISAAC Instruments has been helping ski resorts with the supervision of their snow grooming activities. ISAAC Instruments’ systems contribute to the continuous improvement of operations, allowing ski resort managers to better oversee the work and equipment dedicated to slope maintenance. Safety on slopes and corporate image are improved while environmental impacts are reduced.

The benefits are such that PRINOTH, the leader in snow grooming vehicles manufacturing, rapidly became the exclusive distributor of ISAAC Instruments products for ski resorts.

ISAAC Instruments Successfully Bids on a RFP from City of Chambly
April 2009

In order to improve winter road conditions, the city of Chambly, Québec, has requested ISAAC Instruments to equip its fleet of vehicles dedicated to winter services. As a Chambly based company, ISAAC Instruments has been selling its products around the world and, at last, shows its know-how where its products are designed and fabricated.

The system helps city managers in overseeing fleet operations. The information acquired contributes to reduce costs and improve road safety. Cost reductions are achieved through fuel and abrasive savings as well as optimization of vehicle selection and routing . Another advantage is the reduction of the environmental impact of municipal activities.

ISAAC Instruments Featured on Télé-Québec’s "La Vie en vert"
February 2009

Télé-Québec’s « La Vie en vert » presented a report by Ève Beaudin entitled « Une automobiliste teste la conduite à 100 km/h ». The program offers existing solutions to change everyday habits for environment’s sake. This report dealt with what has been called “ecological driving” and presented the results of a study for which ISAAC Instruments system was used. Its president was interviewed regarding the results analysis. Click here to watch the video (in French)

ISAAC Instruments is 10 Years Old !
February 2009

ISAAC Instruments was incorporated ten years ago and is still managed by the founders, owners and old friends, Jacques DeLarochellière and David Brillon. The company evolved from being active in the motor racing business towards the vehicle testing and fleet management industries. ISAAC Instruments is represented by 11 Value-Added Resellers on four continents, and deals with the biggest names in vehicle manufacturing.

ISAAC Instruments Announces a Contract with FAW, the Largest Chinese Truck, Bus and Passenger Car Manufacturer
September 2008

FAW (First Automotive Works)(hyperlien is an institution in China. Founded in 1956, the company surpassed the one million unit annual sales figure in 2005.The Chinese company engaged in durability testing and analysis data acquired during tests and transmitted in real-time to base using ISAAC Instruments’ “Real-Time Vehicle Monitor” at the Changchun test facility. To learn more about the “Real-Time Vehicle Monitor”, please refer to the above article. Jean-Sébastien Bouchard, Application Engineer at ISAAC Instruments inc., was in China to take part in the 2008 Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai. Mr.Bouchard can be seen here (right) with Mr.Han, Team Leader at FAW’s technology center and Harry An of Guangzhou Zeer Electro-Mechanical Science and Technology, who were very satisfied about ISAAC Instruments’ application at FAW.

New Software : Real Time Vehicle Monitor
September 2008

ISAAC Instruments systems have always been easy to install and use. The hassle-free configuration has driven users to add loggers onto their fleet of test vehicles. Fleet size and costs were reduced while more intelligence could be acquired. As a logical progression of its products, ISAAC Instruments now introduces a new software as a practical means of monitoring a whole fleet of test vehicles, the Real-Time Vehicle Monitor.

While vehicles are tested for durability on proving grounds, the vehicle bus, additional sensors and precision GPS parameters are relayed to one or multiple computers with critical parameters displayed on the screen. To add to this, ISAAC Instruments also launched the “Fleet Manager” software, which can be used for test procedure analysis and validation. It provides an accurate overview of operations regardless of the type of vehicles. This real-time monitoring tool gives a whole new insight on mileage accumulation tests. Still as hands-on and user friendly as ever, ISAAC Instruments’ "Complete Vehicle Testing Solutions" bring a new dimension to quality assurance in the testing world !

Video: Easy Connectivity to Passenger Vehicles
Video: Real-Times Features

ISAAC Instruments Takes Part in ENERGOTEST 2008
September 2008

ENERGOTEST is organized by FPInnovations – FERIC, an independent and not-for-profit research organization. The activity evaluates the impact of different devices on the fuel efficiency of heavy trucks.

ENERGOTEST 2008 was held in Blainville, Québec, Canada, from September 2 to 12, and was a great success. ISAAC Instruments systems were embarked on several vehicles for real-time tracking and to gather critical parameters during track tests.

The article published in Transport Routier in January 2009 further describes this activity

ISAAC Instruments Announces a New Value-Added Reseller (VAR) in India
August 2008

Structural Solutions Private Limited headquartered in Hyderabad, India, now represents ISAAC Instruments. Counting six satellite offices ; Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai, the Value Added Reseller promotes and supports the Complete Vehicle Testing Solutions of ISAAC.

Jacques DeLarochellière, President of ISAAC Instruments inc., visited customers in India with SSPL representatives. Mr. DeLarochelliere was very enthusiastic about SSPL’s expertise and professionalism at his return from India.

Links to our distributors

Automotive Testing Expo China 2006, a Great Success
September 2006

The first edition of the Auto Testing Expo was held in Shanghai two weeks ago. ISAAC was exhibiting at the show and received an enthusiastic response from China's major automakers. ISAAC also took advantage of this opportunity to develop its nationwide sales and support network.

ISAAC Instruments Officially Launching its ANALYZER V8
August 2006

ISAAC Instruments will be launching Version 8 of its ANALYZER software during the Automotive Testing Expo 2006 in Novi, Michigan, on October 26th, 2006.


The new version will introduce features to simplify recorder configuration and data analysis. A new plug-in brings in more flexibility and allows users to add and make use of specific features. Emphasis has been put on adding CAN and GPS parameters. Their configuration, display, and use as recording triggers is made easy. Engineering units can be customized in a snap, and mathematical channels have been improved. Graphs are more customizable and are displayed more quickly when handling large data sets.

ISAAC Appoints Two New Value-Added Resellers in U.S.A.
August 2006

Brendel Associates Ltd, based out of Detroit. For further info, contact Brent Rijovean at or visit

ISAAC and its Value-Added Resellers work with the same price list. VARs extend technical support and training with their local presence and shorthen lead time by keeping stock.

ISAAC Launched its New Recorder During the Automotive Testing Expo 2005
December 2005

The Automotive Testing Expo North America 2005 opened in Novi, Michigan, USA last October, boasting a record number of exhibitors. The Expo featured more than 350 international exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products and novel technologies.

ISAAC Instruments used the automotive testing expo as a launch venue for its latest data acquisition solution. ISAAC Instruments’ new recorder sets the standard for the next generation of stand-alone data recorders. Designed for enduring harsh testing conditions, this recorder is small, rugged, powerful and completely sealed.

Ideal for all kinds of mission profiling, durability, and field testing operations, the system can endure temperatures ranging between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. Its “no compromise approach” has allowed ISAAC Instruments to equip this extremely robust recorder with digital and analog channels, vehicle network (CAN, OBDII, J1587/J1708 and more) capabilities, three integrated accelerometers, and up to 512 MB of storage space at an affordable price. Bluetooth or RF wireless transmitters can also be integrated, allowing customers to communicate with their system from anywhere in the world.

Its success is unarguable; this year's production is already sold out! The response was immediate during the Testing Expo where ISAAC introduced its newcomer. Automotive testing engineers from around the world were already seeing uses for ISAAC's recorder under hoods, on jetskis, snowmobiles and motorbikes, making it a perfect fit for any kind of testing due to its small size and ruggedness.

Once again, ISAAC Instruments demonstrated to the vehicle testing world its ability to innovate , adding yet another tool to ISAAC’s complete vehicle testing solutions.

Access Your Recorders from Anywhere in the World!
September 2005

A new connectivity uses a base station to communicate with any wireless recorder in a range of up to 30 km. The Ethernet interface of the base station allows you to extend the communication via Internet or a local area network. Distance is no longer a barrier.

ISAAC Recorders Now Compatible With all OBDII Vehicles
September 2005

In addition to the previously announced OBD on CAN interface, recorders may now collect parameters from the OBDII bus of all vehicle models. Supported bus types include:

  • SAE-J1850PWM
  • SAE-J1840VPW
  • ISO9141-2
  • KWP-2000
  • ISO15765 (OBD on CAN)

New Feature - Automatic Download and Recorder Monitoring
September 2005

This new feature automates the data transfer from the recorders to a PC. The user can configure the application to detect any recorders available at a specified time. Recorders can be detected anywhere around the world if combined with our Wireless Internet connection. Data may be manipulated according to user needs:

  • Data can be converted to different formats
  • Data can be compressed and uploaded to an ftp site
  • A status report can be generated and sent by email to the user

This new feature offers several possibilities to work with many vehicles located on different sites. Collection of recording sessions is done automatically and the data is transferred to a centralized site without any intervention.

Software Feature Update - Comparative Graphs
September 2005

An updated version of the compare graph comparison feature allows users to analyze data from recording sessions performed on a closed circuit. Each circuit lap can be compared with one another. The user is also able to calculate statistics from selected portions of the circuit. The graph can be customized in many ways.

  • Templates can be created to simplify graph creation.

  • A Wizard helps users to create graphs with just a few mouse clicks.

Export to many formats is possible.

ISAAC Instruments Collaborating with AEEQ on a 3 Year Study
August 2005

ISAAC Instruments participated in a 3-year study to identify means of optimizing fuel consumption of vehicle fleets and more specifically, with regards to food transportation. The paper published in the Fleet Maintenance magazine describes the main phases and conclusions of this study.

Click here to read more

New Software for CAN Bus Applications
March 2005

V7 Recorders have more to offer for CAN (Controller Area Network) applications, including more protocols and increased flexibility. Users can now import their own configuration database (CSV, XML or DBC format) to record broadcast or request parameters for the following protocols:

  • SAE-J1939 (found on trucks and buses, agricultural, marine, construction and forestry equipment)
  • Diagnostic on CAN (ISO 15765) - Includes OBD on CAN, found on cars,  light trucks and other vehicles.
  • Single frame broadcast

New Software Feature
March 2005

ISAAC has expanded its OPC Client to help users access data in real-time during testing operations The feature now provides real-time graphing of the last recorded minute, refreshed several times per second. It also displays recorder status, a list of messages and activities performed since connection, connection quality, and more.

You now have several means of connecting your PC to your recorder:

  • USB (short cable)

  • RS-232 (long cable)

  • Bluetooth (Wireless up to 100 meters)

  • RF Modem (Wireless up to 30 km)

New Recorder Option: Extended Operating Temperatures
March 2005

Your applications are used under extreme cold conditions? ISAAC Instruments now offers an extended operating temperature range for V7 recorders. These units are tested up to below -40 degrees Celsius. The extended operating temperature range is now of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, the standard range being -25 to +85 degrees Celsius.

New Agent in UK
March 2005

ISAAC Instruments is pleased to announce à new partnership with Datron Technology. The latter will supply and support customers on ISAAC's Complete Vehicle Testing Solutions in the United Kingdom.

Based out of Milten Keynes, Datron Technology Limited was formed in 1990 and has been providing high technology and cost effective data logging and acquisition solutions to various industries.

CAN Bus Applications: J-1939 Configuration
December 2004

CAN J-1939 parameters are now fully user-configurable, for maximum flexibility. Access more than 1500 parameters with one simple connection.

New Recorder Software: Bessel Numeric Filters
December 2004

The latest version of the V7 recorder software offers 2nd order Butterworth numeric filters. Set filters manually or let the software choose the best filter for your sampling rate.

New PC Software: Whole Session Graph
December 2004

With the new version of the PC Analyzer software graphical user interface, graph the data from several segments at once, further expanding your data analysis capabilities.

Testing Expo 2004, a Success!
December 2004

ISAAC Instruments reinforced its position as a leader in the fleet testing market during the 2004 Testing Expo in Novi. The show generated new fleet testing customers and international distributor agreements. Look for us in the upcoming show review of the Testing Technology magazine.

Improved Road Mapping
October 2004

Our Fleet Management Software now offers improved road mapping capabilities. The list of stops at any particular point is available with a single mouse click on the map. The tool is powered by Microsoft (TM) MapPoint (TM).

ISAAC Instruments Powers More Champions!
October 2004

The 2004 racing season ended with the Mont-Tremblant Fall Classic for two major series in Eastern Canada. Both championships, the Formula Ford 1600 Series and the Hankook Touring Series saw top honours go to ISAAC users. In fact, 4 of the first 5 places in the open wheel series were using ISAAC's data recorders and electronic steering wheels. Congratulations to the drivers and their teams, and thanks for demonstrating once again that the right tools do the right things !

ISAAC Implements BlueTooth Wireless Technology!
July 2004

No more do you need to connect a cable to your black box to download or display data ! The new BlueTooth communications module is the latest addition to ISAAC's list of wireless products. Transfer all your data into a Palm PDA : quick and effortless!

New Features for Palm PDAs!
June 2004

Moving forward, the Palm ™ may not only be used to display data in real time but can also download data. If your biggest hurdle is holding the bulky laptop, especially when testing in the field, this problem is now solved. All you need is this lightweight handheld device plugged into the recorder to access data. The Palm offers a crisp and clear contrast in daylight and a backlight in the dark, which makes it easier to read data under low-light conditions. You can also use the Palm to control the black box commands.

GPS Module Now Available with V7 Systems!
May 2004

ISAAC's new GPS unit can be used for position and speed measurement. The sensor is compatile with V7 recorders and is ideal for managing vehicle fleets.

New Fleet Manager Solution
April 2004

This new tool enables users to reduce data from multiple files by precisely defining parameters for which analysis is required. ISAAC Fleet Manager allows you to:

  • Help manage statistical population
  • Identify user behavior
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Monitor and analyze fleet operations
  • Show stop duration and location
  • Obtain statistical information on the normal use of the fleet
  • Test the behaviour of fleet drivers under different parameters such as climate, city or highway driving, etc.
  • Cumulate mileage and hours to plan maintenance
  • Establish real delivery cost

ITAQ Financed by the FCI!
March 2004

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation has announced a 2.1 M$ investment to support advanced propulsion and energy management initiatives on ground transportation research projects. This contribution is part of a 6,1 M$ program whose partners will be unveiled soon. ISAAC will supply V7 Professional systems for ITAQ's prototype vehicles.

V7 Pro Recorder Under the D0-160-D Aircraft Qualification Testing
January 2004

DO-160-D aircraft qualification testing is a rigorous set of standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne equipment. It applies to the entire spectrum of aircrafts, from light general aviation aircraft to helicopters and jumbo jets. It was developed by the Radio Technical Commission of Aeronautics (RTCA). Some examples of tests include altitude, extreme temperatures, vibrations, power input, radio frequency susceptibility, magnetic effects, lightning and electrostatic discharge.

The successful completion of DO-160-D aircraft qualification testing represents a major milestone for ISAAC’s technology and opens up new commercial opportunities within the aircraft industry.

SMA Beginning Production
February 2004

SMA is ready to begin production after having received the Supplementary Type Certificates for the SR305 engines. SMA inaugurated in Bourges France, its first assembling unit for lightweight airplanes Jet A fuel piston engine, the SR305. SMA will assemble between 80 to 100 engines per month from now until year 2005. ISAAC’s testing tools were used to test the engine behaviour during certification and will continue during extensive projects meant to extend recommended TBO (Time Before Overhaul).

SMA Obtains the Supplemental Type Certificate for the 182 Cessna
October 2003

ISAAC Instruments' complete vehicle testing solution was up-and-running on a Cessna 182 within 10 days from receiving the first information request from SMA. Later this year, following the positive feedback of experts and Test Pilots from the National Flight Test Center, the French authority, DGAC, delivered the Supplementary Type Certificates for the SMA SR305-230 powered F182 and C182. SMA was pleased to acknowledge how valuable ISAAC's contribution was in shortening their time to market and achieving this important milestone. ISAAC is very proud to have been instrumental in SMA's success.

SMA specializes in the development, production and commercialization of piston engines that operate on Jet fuel in the general aviation market.

New Product: ISAAC Instruments V7 Professional Recorder
October 2003

ISAAC Instruments launched its V7 Professional Recorder during the Testing Expo last week. This 3rd generation of ISAAC systems features a more powerful microcontroller and up to 512 MB of memory, with sampling rates reaching up to 4kHz. It also features more expansion capabilities with 2 serial ports, 2 CAN ports and 1 USB port.

New Products: Infrared Emitter and Detector
March 2003

Same high performance coded InfraRed beacon for Motorsports in a smaller package.

New Product: MODTHx-301
January 2003

The MODTHx-301 is a type K or J thermocouple conditioner measuringtemperatures from -100 to +300 degrees Celsius.

SMA Aircraft Engine Certification
December 2002

SMA aircraft engines began an elaborate aeronautical certification flight test program using ISAAC Instruments products. The systems record over 50 critical parameters during performance and endurance tests.

SMA engineers was pleased that the instrumentation could be installed and fully operational only one week from the first contact with ISAAC Instruments.

Congratulations to Chris Green and Key Motorsport!
October 2002

Former Karting star Chris Green discovered the power of data acquisition with ISAAC Instruments last year, while making the transition from karts to single seaters at the Bridgestone/Firestone Racing Academy. This year, he partnered with Key Motorsport, an ISAAC-equipped professional team, to demonstrate his talent in two F-1600 series. Well supported by crew chief Eric Coté and data specialist Martin Lessard, he took a win at the challenging Mont-Tremblant Circuit in the National Series and he dominated the 2002 Hankook championship with 6 wins in 8 races.

2002 Lacroix Sweep
September 2002

Kevin Lacroix won all of Quebec's karting championships in JICA. The 13 year-old was crowned 2002 Champion of "Coupe de Montréal", "Eastern Championship" and "Quebec Championship". Kevin and his engine preparator (his father) on have relied on ISAAC since 1000 to monitor progress and orient adjustments, and it pays-off every year.

ISAAC Instruments Provides Data to Player's Forsythe CART TEAM
August 2002

Data was used as an input for simulation to determine the first practice session of the very first Montreal Molson Indy. Player's Forsythe engineers were lacking data since the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit was modified last spring for the June 2002 Formula One Grand Prix. The east hairpin was shortened by some 50 meters to provide better runoff space. ISAAC Instruments is supplier of data acquisition systems to one third of Formula Ford cars which took part in a supporting event for the F1 race. Some of the information gathered was then passed on to the CART team in an effort to support local heroes Patrick Carpentier and Alex Tagliani.

Interview on RDS (French)
July 2002

Driver and reporter Bertrand Godin asks ISAAC Instruments' Jacques DeLarochellière a few questions about the role of data acquisition in motorsports.

New Product: "Clip-on" 2-Stroke Engine RPM Detector
July 2002

This new sensor can be installed very quickly. Visit our Products section to learn more about the Spark Detector

ISAAC Instruments to Conduct a Tractor-Trailer Fuel Consumption Study Project
May 2002

In collaboration with l'Agence d'Efficacité Énergétique du Québec, ISAAC will be instrumenting a number of vehicles with V6 systems and real-time displays. The systems will quantify the effects that driving habits have upon fuel consumption.

McGill University Ranks 13th Out of 139 Universities in Formula SAE
May 2002

Quebec's best ranked F-SAE team used ISAAC V6 for engine development on their home-built engine dynamometer, as well as for chassis development and for instrumentation during competition.

New Product: 2002 Electronic Steering Wheel
March 2002

The new 2002 Palm steering is now available. It features high-intensity progressive shift lights with a large and crisp liquid crystal display. The steering wheel can display any measured or calculated parameter on its 2 pages consisting of 4 fields (bar graphs or digits). It also shows contrasted values when critical levels are reached.

New Products: AC and DC Current and Voltage Sensors
February 2002

Wider ranges are now available for AC and DC electric current and isolated voltage sensors, i.e. 30-1000 Amps and 50-1000 Volts respectively. Visit our Sensors section to learn more.

Final Report Released on "Montreal 2000 Electric Vehicle Project"
January 2002

The final report presents the results of a study focusing on the efficiency of various electric vehicles. The project consisted in the instrumentation of 24 Electric Vehicles, which were driven for 2 years in the Greater Montreal region. ISAAC V5 systems recorded every kilometer covered by each vehicle during the whole period.

ISAAC 5000 Feet Above the Ground!
November 2001

Partenaire Design's latest high performance homebuilt aircraft, the Mystere S-45, flew for the first time on November 22nd. An ISAAC V6 system was on-board, monitoring key parameters such as propeller speed, main gear wheel speed, airspeed, thrust, G factor, altitude, exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, outside air temperature and carburator air temperature.

ISAAC 5000 Feet Underground!
October 2001

CANMET Experimental Mine, a division of Natural Resources Canada, now uses ISAAC's V6 system to evaluate drilling, loading and carrying equipment in an effort to optimize overall process efficiency.

ISAAC Instruments Official Supplier of GM Corporation
October 2001

GM's Global Alternative Propulsion division will use ISAAC V6 systems to monitor the performance of its prototypes.

SportNets Interview
August 2001

ISAAC Instruments president Jacques DeLarochellière is interviewed on SportsNet during the 2001 Trois-Rivières Grand Prix.

Click here to view the video (in French)

Z-Télé Broadcast
August 2001

ISAAC Instruments role in snowmobile racing is discussed on Z-Tele's "Le Grand Test" TV program.

Click here to view the video (in French)

Montreal 2000 – Electric Vehicle Project : Final Report

Report produced by CEVEQ under the administration of the steering committee of "Montreal 2000 – Electric Vehicle Project". The report examines the background of the project, its methodology and its impacts. Results are then analyzed and conclusions are drawn.

Environment Canada - St-Lawrence Technologies
October 2000

Information published by Environment Canada for all companies, industries, organizations and individuals interested in new environmental technologies.

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EV Express
October 1999

First quarterly bulletin published by the steering committee of the "Montreal 2000 - Electric Vehicle Project". EV Express' main purpose is to keep the scientific community, economic and political decision makers, vehicle fleet managers and general public informed on the whereabouts of the project.

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ISAAC Instruments Partners with Jacques Villeneuve Sr.
December 1999

Jacques Villeneuve Sr., the 1999 Formula One Snowmobile champion and leader of the current championship, has agreed to participate in development tests with ISAAC Instruments.

Newtech Brake Racecars to use ISAAC Instruments Systems
August 1999

Newtech Brake to sponsor a team in the Atlantic Pro series and equip their cars with ISAAC's V5 systems.